We know that skating has a lot of different challenges, one of them we don’t want you to have is having to pay the full member ship cost for your child and a parent in the middle of the year. So, if you have decided that joining the club now is the right move for your child skater, the parent gets to join for FREE !!! This deal will only be available for a few months so renew that delinquent membership NOW.

If you are first time member we have deal for you too. First time members already get a discount on the first year, and now for children under 18 joining the club, the required parent’s membership is free as well.

Starting December 5, 2016

Skating membership $135, Parent Free

Introductory Skating Membership $110, Parent Free

*Introductory Membership is only for first time members of US Figure Skating (excludes Learn To Skate Membership)

Both memberships expire June 30, 2017

Ok, some folks might still be wondering why  we have to have a parent member for the under 18 skating members. United States Figure Skating, our sanctioning body, requires it.

Any questions please contact membership chairman, Mary Lou Robinson , 918.284.8472