2009-2010 Club Ice

This year, there is a new Club Ice schedule designed to better suit our members.

  • 9:30 am – 10:00 : High Level Skaters (Juvenile and higher)
  • 10:00 am – 10:30 : Mixed (All Club Skaters)
  • 10:30 am – 11:00 : Low Level Skaters (Pre-Juvenile and lower)

* After Regionals (mid-October,) Pre-Juvenile skaters will move to the High Level time period.

We are excited about this year’s schedule.  We believe that it will allow more of our skaters to take advantage of Club Ice at a more convenient time for all.  Note that we have kept the High and Low sessions in the same order as last year, however the sessions start later for the following reasons;


  1. The rink’s Freestyle session ends at 9:15 AM which will allow the High Level Skaters to get right onto Club Ice and not have to come back later.  We understand that there may be some low level skaters on this Freestyle session, but the majority are high level skaters.
  2. Having the Low session at the end will allow the Low level skater, who may be taking advantage of Learn to Skate, to have it all together.


This should help keep skaters and/or parents from spending unneeded down time at the rink waiting for their next skating time to start.

You must be a registered Skating Member in good standing with the Tulsa FSC to skate on Club Ice.  (See Membership Categories in the membership information to see which membership levels include Club Ice Privileges.)

The TFSC Board reserves the right to alter the schedule and level of Skaters in each session to best serve the program. At times throughout the season, part or all of Club Ice will be needed for Special events or test sessions. Notification will be given both on the Club Bulletin Board and on our web site.

For Questions call Mark De Angelis 808-8022 or e-mailmark.deangelis@tulsafsc.com