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Coaching Staff – Oilers Ice Center

Jessie Hudson, Skating Director

Jessie is the Oilers Ice Center Skating Director. She is an Adult Triple Gold Medalist in USFS Adult Pairs, Adult Freestyle and Adult Fieldmoves and has also passed her Pre-Bronze Dance test as well as being a Fieldmoves Gold Medalist. She is a member of PSA and was a competitive skater for several years as well as an 8 year competitive gymnast. Jessie started coaching in spring of 2005 and enjoys teaching students of all levels and ages.


Michelle Perna

Michelle has come to Tulsa having coached previously in the Dallas area. She has over 27 years of coaching experience and is both a USFS & ISU Double Gold Medalist.

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Matt Hudson

Growing up training in San Antonia and Tulsa, Matthew is a USFS double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Fieldmoves and has passed Intermediate Pairs and Pre-Bronze Tests. A competitor skater for 7 years, he was an Intermediate Men’s Regional Competitor. Matthew is a member of USFS and PSA and has been coaching since March 2004.

$50.00 / hour

Jane Wilson

Jane is a freestyle and field moves Gold Medalist and has been teaching since 1998. She coaches all levels and ages, beginner through adult and specializes in freestyle, field moves and choreography. She is a USFS and PSA member and holds a degree from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

$56.00 / hour

Robert Robert Baker

Robert began skating in Tulsa when he was four years old. Robert has competed on a Regional and Sectional level in Men’s Freestyle, Ice Dancing, and Pair’s Free Skating. Robert was an alternate twice for Nationals in both Pair’s and Men’s Freestyle Skating. Robert and his dance partner were Regional and Sectional Dance Champions in Intermediate and Novice Dance. Robert is a Double Gold Medalist in Men’s Freestyle, and in Men’s Field Moves. Robert has had the privilege to skate in some of the best training facilities in the country, and to be coached by world and international renowned coaches, in addition to his coaches here in Tulsa all contributing to a wonderful skating career of 15 years. Robert is excited to be coaching back here in Tulsa where it all began. Robert is certified by the Professional Skating Association, and a member of the USFSA.

$60.00 / hour

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