TFSC Officials and Judges

Name Appointment
William Smith World Referee (1 of 4 in US)
World Judge (1 of 15 in US)

Test Judges

Name Sgl/pr DNC Intl Dnc
Corey Babb Brz Brz  
Janneke Buitink Slv    
Kim Brock Downing Gld    
Kathy Gibson Brz    
Hugh C. Graham, Jr. MD Gld Slv  
Jennifer Hicks-White Gld Brz  
Margaret Anne Holt Gld    
Taylor Jonckowski Brz    
Mary Anne McGivern Gld Gld Intl
Franklin Nelson, MD Gld Slv  
Jamie Rooks Brz    
Angie Simants Slv    
William S. Smith Gld    
Hope D. Wheeler Gld Gld Intl
Roelof Buitink (deceased) Brz    
Elizabeth Kiper (deceased) Gld Gld  
John Martens (deceased) Brz    
J Barlow Nelson (resigned) Gld    

Competition Judges

Name SGL/PRS DNC SYN Showcase
Kim Brock Downing Reg      
Hugh C. Graham, Jr. MD Nat Nov    
Mary Anne McGivern Sec Sec   Nat
Franklin Nelson, MD Nat Nov    
William S. Smith Nat   Nat  
Hope D. Wheeler Reg Reg    
Margaret Anne Holt Nat      
Elizabeth Kiper (deceased) Reg      
J Barlow Nelson (resigned) Nat      


Name Sgl/Prs Dnc Syn
Hugh C. Graham, Jr. MD Nat    
Mary Anne McGivern Reg Sec  
Franklin Nelson, MD Nat Sec  
William S. Smith Nat   Nat
Hope D. Wheeler Reg Reg  
Elizabeth Kiper (deceased) Reg    


Name Designation
Jack Vest National

TFSC Members with U.S. Figure Skating Connections

Name U.S. Figure Skating Designation
William S. Smith Pairs Comm Chair, 2006/2007
Franklin S. Nelson, MD, FACS Past President USFS 1989-1992
Honorary Member USFS 1992
Hon Member of the Board of Dir 1995
Member Recognition Subcomm 2004/2005World Hall of Fame Electors 2004/2005
Hugh C. Graham, Jr. MD Past President USFS 1986-1989
Honorary Member USFS 1989
Hon Member of the Board of Dir 1992
Mus & Hall of Fame President 2004/2005
U.S. Hall of Fame Selection 2004
World Hall of Fame Electors Mem 2004/2005
George B. Jenkinson, Jr. Hon Member of the Exec Comm 1967
J. Barlow Nelson Sec/Treas Mus and Hall of Fame  2004/2005
U.S. Hall of Fame Electors Member 2004/2005
Hope D. Wheeler Membership Comm-Chair 2004/2005
Member Rec Subcomm Ex-Off 2004/2005
Sancs & Elig Comm Ex Off 2004/2005
State Games Comm, Chair Okla 2006/2007
State Games Comm, Chair 2009/2010
Kim Brock Downing Grievance Comm 2004/2005
Mary Anne C. McGivern Member Recognition Subcomm 2004/2005
State Games Comm, Chair  2006/2007
Membership Comm-Member 2009/2010
Elizabeth A. Kiper State Games Comm Texas 2004/2005
Ann Gann Grievance Comm 2004/2005
Jannelle Babb Tests Committee 2004/2005
Margaret Anne Graham Holt ISU Honorary World Singles/Pairs Judge
ISU Diploma of Service (1 of 7 in US)
John Martens Membership Comm-Member 2009/2010
Angie Simants Adult Skating Comm 2015/2016