Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer Fundraiser

Join the Tulsa Figure Skating Club and the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation for Sk8 to Elimin8
on Friday, July 19, 2024 at the WeStreet Ice Center! Hosted by none other than
Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton, and featuring a special performance by Olympian
Mariah Bell!

Registration for this event can be found at:

Steps to Participate:

  1. Register for $35 to start fundraising and receive your Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ t-shirt. You’ll receive rewards as a token of our thanks for your fundraising efforts, and you can earn special incentives including opportunities to perform in our Celebration Ice Show!
  2. Grow your community by asking your family and friends to sign up with you or donate to your page. Post about why supporting cancer research matters to you and invite others to join you on social media!
  3. Fundraise for cancer research! Every dollar you raise supports critical cancer research through CARES.

Your participation makes a difference for the next person facing a cancer diagnosis – thank you
for joining us to turn cancer upside down™!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Robert or Jessie for more info.

We are excited to see this come to fruition at the WeStreet Ice Center, and we look forward to having you participate in this event!

Best regards,

The Tulsa Figure Skating Club