Robert Baker

Robert began skating in Tulsa when he was four years old. Robert has competed on a Regional and Sectional level in Men’s Freestyle, Ice Dancing, and Pair’s Free Skating. Robert was an alternate twice for Nationals in both Pair’s and Men’s Freestyle Skating. Robert and his dance partner were Regional and Sectional Dance Champions in Intermediate and Novice Dance. Robert is a Double Gold Medalist in Men’s Freestyle, and in Men’s Field Moves. Robert has had the privilege to skate in some of the best training facilities in the country, and to be coached by world and international renowned coaches, in addition to his coaches here in Tulsa all contributing to a wonderful skating career of 15 years. Robert is excited to be coaching back here in Tulsa where it all began. Robert is certified by the Professional Skating Association, and a member of the USFSA. When Robert isn’t coaching, he enjoys spending time with is five children and lovely wife Holly Baker. Robert works alongside his father, Brad Baker, for Chickasaw Distributors Inc. which was founded nearly 40 years ago by his grandfather Bud Baker. Chickasaw Distributors manages and services tubing and casing for offshore/onshore drilling to majors such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and many others in the industry. Robert also is active in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. Robert and his family faithfully attend and serve in various leadership positions with in their local congregation. The family business Motto is “Chickasaw distributors Inc. is synonymous with service”. As a proud Native American Indian of the Chickasaw Tribe, Robert has lived up to that motto all of his life, and continues to live by that motto. Robert believes success and happiness in work, family, and play revolves around an attitude of serving others at all times and in all places.