Yearly Awards

Awards are announced and presented at the annual banquet and general meeting each May. This is a particularly special recognition of those club members demonstrating the highest levels of dedication, achievement, and sportsmanship.

Most Improved Skating Awards

Consideration is given to the number and level of tests passed, participation and placement in competitions entered, and being a skater that positively represents Tulsa FSC.

2016 Winners

MIF under 12 Camille Reaves
MIF Over 12 Hannah Bullington
FS under 12 Sarah Swenton
FS over 12 Ellie Gilbreath
Dance over 12 Katherine De Angelis

2015 Winners

MIF under 12 Jaycee Garrett
MIF Over 12 Kaitlin Ragosta
FS under 12 Josie Shingleton
FS over 12 East McMillan
Dance over 12 Tiara Smith

2014 Winners

MIF under 12 Kendal Klinowski
MIF Over 12 Ryen Guthrie
FS under 12 Jaycee Garrett
FS over 12 Kara Grace Mirando

2013 Winners

MIF under 12 Jordan Jonckowski
MIF Over 12 Katherine Deangelis
FS under 12 Ellie Gilbreath
FS over 12 Danika Burton
Dance under 12 Kara Grace Mirando
Dance over 12 Skye Clark



MIF under 12 Laurel Newhouse
MIF Over 12 Kaitlyn Palmer
FS under 12 Jordan Jonckowski
FS over 12 Jamie Rooks


MIF under 12 Ellie Gilbreath
MIF Over 12 Jamie Rooks
FS under 12 Jordan Jonckowski
FS over 12 Brittany Schmucker
Dance under 12 Madison Jensen
Dance over 12 Paige Westmoreland



MIF under 12 Katherine DeAngelis
MIF Over 12 Ashley Higgs
FS under 12 Abigail Fain
FS over 12 Paige Wheeler
Dance under 12 Garrett Jensen
Dance over 12 Brittany Schmucker


MIF under 12 Nicole Han
MIF Over 12 Brittany Schmucker
FS under 12 Kate Goodwin
FS over 12 Megan Banner
Dance under 12 Brooke Rogers
Dance over 12 Joe Ben Wilson



MIF under 12 Taylor Jonckowsi
MIF Over 12 Stephen Brower
FS under 12 Abby Fain
FS over 12 Danika Burton
Dance under 12 Chelsea Jones
Dance over 12 Claire Woo

Maria Kirkland Award for Dance

2013-2016 None
2012 Brittany Schmucker
2010 Katherine DeAngelis and Garrett Jensen
2009 Brittany Schmucker and Charles Meadows

Manny Grabel Award

This award is in honor of Manny Grabel, former president of Tulsa FSC. The criteria for this most prestigious award are dedication to the sport and club, good sportsmanship, good work ethic and good progress.

2016 None Awarded
2015 Josiah Curley
2014 Katherine DeAngelis
2013 Jamie Rooks
2012 Taylor Jonckowski
2011 Chandler McGoogan
2010 Danika Burton
2009 Stephen Brower
2008 Charles Meadows
2007 Paige Wheeler
2006 Brittany Schmucker
2005 Hope Abernathy

Stephanie Anne McKay Artistry and Fellowship Award

This award was created to honor Stephanie Anne McKay who died on October 9, 2008. The criteria for this award include unique creativity, artistry and originality, sportsmanship and nurturing a positive skating environment.

2016 None Awarded
2015 Ryen Guthrie
2014 Samantha Overton
2013 Meagan Tharp
2012 Madison Jensen
2011 Katherine DeAngelis
2010 Abigail Fain
2009 Paige Westmoreland

Die Hard Award

This award is given to recognize an adult skating club member who goes above and beyond in their dedication to the sport of figure skating and positively represents Tulsa FSC.

2016 Jin Wilson
2015 Angie Simants
2014 Kathy Gibson
2009 Hope Wheeler
2005 Jessie Hudson
2003 Sandy Shadley
2001 Ralph Tropepe
2000 Will Smith
1999 Tulsa Classics
1997 Sue Twitty
1996 Hope Wheeler
1995 Barlow Nelson
1994 Ann Gann
1993 Rudy Buitink


John Martens Memorial Award

This award is given to a club member, usually an adult volunteer, who has served the club and its members above and beyond the call of duty.

2013 Tammy Palmer
2012 Jennifer DeAngelis
2010 Amie Jonckowski
2009 Hope Wheeler
2008 John Martens