Gold Medal Test Results


USFS Gold Test Medalists

Each of the figure skaters listed below is very special. They have passed skill tests in front of a panel of judges and advanced through several levels, the culmination of which is the gold test. The senior test, or “gold” test, is the highest achievement a skater can accomplish in any particular discipline. The four current types of skating tests are moves in the field, free skating, pairs, and ice dancing. (previous to moves in the field was figures.) Becoming a Gold Medalist is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. According to US Figure Skating, only about 3 percent of skaters are at the gold or senior level. Once a skater passes the senior test, this accomplishment becomes part of their permanent U.S. Figure Skating record, and can be used on a resume or college application.
We would like to congratulate the following skaters for earning the title “U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist”:


Ryen Guthrie, Senior Moves
Josiah Curley, Senior Free Skate


Sky Clark, Senior Moves
Peyton Lissaou, Senior Free Skate


East McMillan, Senior Freeskate
Tiara Smith, Senior Moves
Katherine DeAngelis, Senior Dance


Peyton Lissau, Senior Moves
Jin Wilson, Masters Adult Gold Moves


Danika Burton, Senior Freeskate
Ellie Gilbreath, Senior Moves


Jordan Jonckowsi, Senior Moves


Brittany Schmucker, Senior Free Dance
Brittany Schmucker, Gold Dance


Jessie Hudson, Senior Moves
Kelly Saffa, Senior Moves
Angie Simants, Adult Gold Moves
Taylor Jonckowski, Senior Moves
Michelle Han, Senior Moves
Jamie Rooks, Senior Moves


Elizabeth Hearon, Senior Moves
Paige Westmoreland, Senior Moves
Danika Burton, Senior Moves


Josiah Curley, Senior Moves

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