Feb 2018 Test Results

Tests passed

For those who are not familiar with figure skating there are a number of Test Levels that you have to pass. At each level there are Moves in the Field and the Free Skate test. They do not have to be taken together. Most skaters complete their Moves before completing their Free skates. Passing the Senior Free Skate is the equivalent of a national level program. 

Congratulations to the following skaters who passed tests at our recent test events.

February 2018

Makayla Brooks- JM and PPF
Ryen Guthrie-SRM
Skye Clark-NF
Kaitlyn Lane-PPF
Addy Gaines-PF
Camille Reaves- PF
Vivian Turner-PM
Andrew Swenton-PPM
Josie Shingleton-SRM
Hannah Bullington JRM