DeLisia Froese – February 2019

Skater of the Month- De’Lisia Froese
Skating Level: Preliminary
Coach: Jessie Stoops
Years Skating: 2
Favorite Skating move: camel and flying camel
Hobbies/Activities: crafting and camping
Favorite Movie: Goosebumps, Outbreak Bruce Almighty and Bumblebee
Favorite Book: Land of Stories
How do you begin skating:
When I was 6 years old I saw the Olympics. I told my parents I wanted to do that. They said no. When I was 10 my twin sister and I were surprised with a birthday party. We walked in blindfolded and saw a skating rink in front of us when they removed the blind fold. I love skating so much and I hope to be an Olympian someday.

Feb 2019 Skater of the Month